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Hair Colour

Our experienced stylists are specialized in colouring with the Wella Color Brand under guidance of unlimited training and support of our stylists. All of these colours will result in shiny hair with long lasting colour. 


Permanent hair color is designed to fully change the natural color of hair. It uses a combination of ammonia and oxidative agents to lift the existing color and deposit the new color. It's more resistant to fading and can cover gray hair effectively.

Demi-permanent color lasts longer than semi-permanent color but doesn't fully penetrate the hair cuticle. It provides richer color and better gray coverage.


The following are the 4 types of hair colour that we have to offer: 

1. The Koleston Perfect colour, which is perfect vibrancy, long-lasting and true-to-tone results and fully covers grey hair .

2. Illumina Colour has a natural, radiant glow and is also luminous.

3. Wella Colour Touch Demi Permanent has a glossy, vibrant finish and helps blend grey hair.

Colours containing no ammonia are also available by Sebastian, Wella's Sister company. 

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