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Bellami Ottawa Hair Extensions

@scissormandan is our Hair Extension Specialist in Ottawa 

Certified Tape-in, NBR, I-tip, U-tip, Single Bead, Volume Weft 

Bellami Certified Technician 

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If you're seeking top-notch quality hair extensions in Ottawa, you're in the perfect spot! Our expert team is here to assist you throughout the entire process, helping you achieve your desired hairstyle with a variety of options such as tape-ins, fusions, or micro-rings, and more. Schedule a FREE consultation and let us bring your dream hairstyle to reality!
Beautiful Blonde Weft Hair Extensions
Tape-in Extensions

Precision Styling Ottawa offers tape-in hair extensions that can last for approximately 1-2 months. These extensions are designed to add volume and length to your hair without causing damage to your existing hair. The application process ensures a seamless blend with your natural hair color for a natural look. Tape-in extensions are a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance their hair and achieve the desired style.

(refer to the video below)

Fusion Hair Extensions - Fusion Rebond 
Also known as Keratin tip Hair Extensions  


Our fusion bonds are expertly applied with heat, typically taking 1 to 3 hours for installation. These extensions can last between 4 to 6 months with proper care. However, excessive daily heat can potentially damage the bonds, leading to a shorter lifespan for the extensions. Trust us for high-quality hair extensions and expert maintenance to keep them looking fabulous.


Customized Halo (formerly Halocouture)

"Our Halo hair extensions offer easy, damage-free installation for users—no stylist required, except for the initial fitting done at our salon. The halo extension wire is adjusted for free. Made from 100% remy human hair, our Halos come in various colors and lengths. Basic colors or combos can be delivered within days."

NBR ( Natural Beaded Row ) Also known as Volume Weft  - Microweft - Invisible Weft

"Experience the pinnacle of hair transformation with our premium Weft Hair Extensions! Our expert stylists delicately place these extensions in rows using a sophisticated metal bead and thread technique, securing them seamlessly into your natural hair. What sets our Weft Hair Extensions apart is their ability to deliver stunning results with the least amount of damage.

Unlike other methods like i-tip, u-tip, or tape, our weft extensions strike the perfect balance between minimal impact and incredible beauty. The wefts are skillfully attached to a track, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit without the need for braids. This approach preserves the health of your hair while providing the length and volume you desire.

Indulge in the freedom and confidence that comes with our Weft Hair Extensions—imparting a flawless finish and natural flow. Elevate your style effortlessly, showcasing a fuller, luscious mane that feels as fabulous as it looks. Say hello to a new you with our luxurious Weft Hair Extensions—where elegance meets ease.


I-Tip Hair Extensions (cold Fusion) - U-Tip Extensions 

I-tip" hair extensions are installed by threading individual strands of hair through a small, tube-like bead or 'I-tip.' The bead is then clamped down to secure the extension in place. This method offers a more natural and seamless look, and the extensions tend to feel lighter and more comfortable compared to other methods.

On the other hand, "U-tip" hair extensions involve a small U-shaped tip made of keratin at the top of each strand. This keratin tip is applied to your natural hair using heat fusion, which melts the keratin and fuses it with your hair. A metal bead is clamped over the U-shaped tip to securely attach the extension to your hair.

When searching for extensions, understanding the differences between I-tip and U-tip extensions will help you make an informed choice based on your preferences and desired outcome



Tape In Hair Extensions
hair extensions ottawa
Brown Hair Extensions

Beautiful 18in Hair Extension Ottawa

2 Packs of Tape in Hair Extensions

One pack of Caramel and one blonde Hair Extensions. 18 inch

Before Extensions Model 1

Brown level 6 hair before picture.

After Tape in Extensions Completed M

Beautiful head of Tape In Hair Extensions done in Ottawa. 3 Packs of Extensions applied throughout the head. To creat volume and length. No color Needed for these extensions.

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