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Ottawa Hair Extensions

@scissormandan is our Hair Extension Specialist in Ottawa 

Certified Tape-in, NBR, I-tip, U-tip, Single Bead, Volume Weft 

Bellami Certified Technician 

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If you’re looking for the best of quality hair extensions in Ottawa, you have come to the right place! Our professional staff can guide you through the entire process and make your ideal hairstyle come to life with a selection of tape-ins, fusions, or micro-rings, etc... Come in for a FREE consultation!​
Beautiful Blonde Weft Hair Extensions
Tape-in Extensions

Precision Styling Ottawa offers tape-in's that will last an average of two months. These are a great natural option for adding volume and length, that won’t damage your existing hair. These will be applied seamlessly to match your overall colour.

(refer to the video below)

Fusion Hair Extensions - Fusion Rebond 
Also known as Keratin tip Hair Extensions  


These hair extensions take about 1 to 3 hours to install and last between 4 to 6 months) Depending how well the hair is taken care of. Your fusion bonds are naturally applied with heat, so using more heat on a daily basis may damage the actual bonds and thus giving the extensions a shorter life span. Precision Styling offers installation, removal and as well as cuts, colour-matching and blending of extensions.


Customized Halo (formerly Halocouture)

The Halo was developed for comfort and ease of installation by the user (no Hair stylist needed, except for the main fitting, which is a halo hair extension wire that is shortened and done for free in our salon). NO DAMAGE  with a halo , before, during or after the application. 

Halo's made from 100% human hair (remy hair) and come in every color and length. 

Basic colour or basic colour combos can usually be delivered within a day or two. 

NBR ( Natural Beaded Row ) Also known as Volume Weft  - Microweft - Invisible Weft

The weft Hair Extension are placed in rows, with a metal bead and thread technique. The wefts are placed on a track and sewn into the hair (without braids). This type of extensions are best for the least amount of damage but has a less natural feel then i-tip u tip and tape. 


I-Tip Hair Extensions (cold Fusion) - U-Tip Extensions 

These are glued in or beaded in extensions. The I-tip is the most naturel feeling extensions .  The U-tip is a hair extension that has a metal bead clamped on to your hair and the extension. 



Tape In Hair Extensions
hair extensions ottawa
Brown Hair Extensions

Beautiful 18in Hair Extension Ottawa

2 Packs of Tape in Hair Extensions

One pack of Caramel and one blonde Hair Extensions. 18 inch

Before Extensions Model 1

Brown level 6 hair before picture.

After Tape in Extensions Completed M

Beautiful head of Tape In Hair Extensions done in Ottawa. 3 Packs of Extensions applied throughout the head. To creat volume and length. No color Needed for these extensions.

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