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Wig Cutting 


Dan has over 19 years experience in cutting hair and has been cutting wigs in Ottawa for over 19 years. He will have a private consultation with you and discuss all options. Cutting a wig is a process of trimming and shaping the hair fibers of a wig to achieve a desired hairstyle or length. Wigs can be customized to suit your preferences and face shape through cutting and styling.

Wig Coloring

We can Color / Highlight / Ombre / Balayage any natural hair wigs. We can even color , colored wigs but it depends on the type of hair. If you do not know come in for a consultation and we can go over color options. We want to keep the hair healthy and strong, by performing a strand test we can see what the wig can withstand and if it can be colored at all. Please book your consultation with Dan now!

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