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Daniele (Dan)

Daniele was born into the hairdressing world. His father and grandfather were both stylist and each had there own salons in Canada and Italy. Growing up in a salon environment, hair was everything. Being around hair all the time made him realize he wanted to do this forever. This industry has taught him so much and He loves being able to share it with the stylists community!
Daniele has been doing hair since 2005 and works with the employees at Precision Styling and Il Paradiso Spa in Ottawa. Where he says the most important thing today is education and educating staff!
Being with Sebastian has helped him grow into the stylist he is today. Traveling the world for hair shows in Paris, L.A., Las Vegas, Berlin seeing a lot of different things and experiencing many different techniques, cuts, placement and the endless world of hairstyling.
It has taken his abilities and creativity to the next level and inspires him day in and day out at the salon. Which makes everyday just as exciting at the day before.
"Love is in the Hair!!!"

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